The Plan B Newsletter

When you're thirsty, it's too late to dig a well.

Maybe you've heard that before. If so, you might have smiled and nodded at the wisdom contained in such a short sentence. You may have even remembered it long enough to tell someone else.

But did you do anything with that wisdom besides acknowledge it and maybe pass it on? Did you consider it carefully and adapt it to your own life?

Obviously most of us no longer have to dig our own well for drinking water and very few people who have access to the Internet run the risk of being thirsty due to a lack of water, but ALL of us run the risk of losing our income for one reason or another and that's why we're concerned (or at least we should be) with how long it could take to replace a lost income.

In other words, how long it might take to dig a well.

If you wait until you lose your income, you may learn that finding another one simply takes too long. Most people don't have enough money saved to be able to survive the loss of an income for even a short time without going deeply into debt in order to continue to provide for basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter.

Having an additional income... a "Plan B"... could mean the difference between your family experiencing a serious financial setback or a temporary inconvenience.

Have you considered what you might do TODAY to prepare yourself for what could happen if you were to lose your income TOMORROW?

That's what the Plan B Newsletter is all about. This is where you'll be able to read, learn about, and evaluate ideas and concepts that are designed to help you prepare to meet the challenges of losing your primary income and thereby weather life's storms with less pain and disruption.

You already have a "Plan A".

Or at least you should. That's your job or your career or your primary source of income, whatever that is.

Until you have your Plan A in place, you shouldn't even consider spending time on your Plan B. That would be nothing more than an unnecessary distraction and would only hold you back. If you don't have your primary income in place yet, you should focus all of your energy in that direction.

BUT... if you do have your Plan A in place, don't make the mistake of stopping there! Start digging your well! Start learning and working toward creating the additional income and security that only a solid Plan B can provide.

Why is having a Plan B so important?

Times have changed. The days of working an entire career for the same employer or even in the same industry are gone. Statistics show that a person graduating from college today will work for twelve different employers in five different industries over the course of his career.

Would it be reasonable to expect ALL of those transitions to be smooth and well planned? 

Of course not. It would be far more reasonable (and responsible) to prepare for the reality that some of those transitions will be completely unexpected, come at the worst possible times, and create significant hardships.

When you accept that life is going to present you with some serious challenges that only an extra income can address, and you make the effort to create that extra income, you position yourself to benefit in more ways than you might expect.

Why? Because Plan B income is different than Plan A income.

For most people, Plan A income is generally stretched pretty thin. Plan A income pays for the things we need. Food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and all of life's other necessities come from your Plan A income. If you have enough Plan A income to save some money for emergencies and unexpected expenses, you're doing well. If you have enough Plan A income to do all that AND save for college and retirement, you're doing extremely well.

On the other hand, Plan B income is discretionary income. It gives you options.

With Plan B income, you have the freedom to quickly build a significant savings account that can not only protect your Plan A income from the effects of emergencies and unexpected expenses, but also earn interest income for you as it waits to provide that protection.

If your Plan A income is insufficient to allow for such things as saving money for college or retirement, your Plan B income can be used for those purposes.

Plan B income can also position you to take advantage of investment opportunities that come your way. Having enough income to be able to invest in other income-producing assets can be the beginning of an "income snowball" that grows larger with each new investment.

So while Plan A income is vital and immediately important, Plan B income can enhance or provide protection for your lifestyle and also provide the flexibility necessary to create long-term financial security and generate wealth.

Which is more important? While Plan A income is more urgent, both Plan A income and Plan B income are equally important to a safe, secure, and intelligent financial future.

With that in mind, I hope you will take time to read, enjoy, and benefit from the Plan B Newsletter.

I'll do my best to keep it brief, informative, and maybe even a little bit entertaining. I'll probably also try to help keep you motivated from time to time because I know how hard it can be to work hard at your Plan A job and still be motivated to work on your Plan B income. If I can include something here to help you stay focused, then I feel I've done you a favor.

If there's a topic that you'd like to see covered, feel free to send me your suggestion. My email address is

And remember, you're receiving this newsletter at no cost or obligation as a complimentary gift from one of my business partners in OnlineBusinessAlliance. To learn more about using OBA as a vehicle to achieve your Plan B goals and objectives, CLICK HERE.

Your friend and partner,

Stephen Hyde
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